Friday, March 1, 2013

When Piercing the Darkness visited prison on February 2, they set the tone early.  Their first song on their playlist was John Waller's "Our God Reigns Here."  The words address spiritual warfare and direct the evil forces to depart.  It was especially appropriate in the setting of the prison gym.  We were all about light and the darkness didn't belong!

Lyrics to the Waller Song

By the way, PTD is looking to return in mid-September.  Once again they will blow the roof off the prison gym in the Spirit of Christ.

Lead singer Steve Shettler (Left) & the band to revisit prison in the fall.

New Clothes for a New Year!

I know the new year is already two months old but here are some of the thoughts I've been thinking.  You need to have new clothes for the new year.  Not the type of clothes that tatter and fade but clothes that will last for eternity.  I'm talking about the clothes the Spirit gives you - as based on Paul's letter to the church of Colossians in chapter 3.  You can read about it here.

   Pella Chronicle Article

Or view a sermon I preached on the important topic here.

   Video Archive  (Select the Jan 20, 2013 6pm service)

Here's Paul's sermon in Col. 3.

   Col. 3:1-17