Saturday, February 18, 2012


On February 9, EIGHT men were baptized in the prison gym.  This was during a worship service celebrating God's Love.  It was an incredible moment of new creation.  We hope & pray that this will be a life-changing event in the lives of each of the guys.  James commented that he feels like a new person.  He has recommitted to being involved in the weekly Bible studies and prayer groups.  Desmond has been diving into God's Word, discovering new insights that challenge our life-walk with Christ.  Overall, it was incredible to be at the prison that night.  I know that I personally was where God wanted me to be.  It was beautiful to say the Matthew 28 words, "I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit."  My arm also got wet in the baptismal waters as I baptized 8 men - one at a time.  At the same time, the angels in Heaven were rejoicing as men made a stand for Jesus Christ!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On the Radio!

Randy and Pastor Rick will be on the radio today, marking the one year anniversary of New Life Prison Community.

The radio interview is at 4:45pm today on KCWN 99.9 FM.
KCWN - Listen Live

Randy is a former inmate-member of New Life Prison Community who is living and working in Pella.  He's doing great, keeping his mind, body and spirit sharp for Christ.  Pray for us as we move forward in faith.

New Life Celebrates One Year!

February 8, 2012 - Today marks the one year anniversary of New Life Prison Community.  Exactly one year ago today we began with a Tuesday afternoon prayer group at the Newton Prison.  God has been faithful, encouraging us along the way and opening doors.

One door God has opened is the door of baptism!  Today is the 4th of 4 baptism classes at the prison.  Then tomorrow night, Lord willing, baptism will begin an incredible worship celebrating God's love.  The guys are very excited about all this - In Christ, they've been brought them from death into Life.  In Christ, their sins have been washed away and the Spirit has set them free to live a new life.

Celebrate one year of ministry with us!  We've appreciated your encouragement, support, and prayers.  Now its time to get wet in the waters of God's Love!

Monday, February 6, 2012

New Creation

Rose and the praise team will bring this song to New Life Prison Community on Thursday night. 

Let's get ready to celebrate God's Love!

Crossroads Interview

Recently Pastor Rick was interviewed by Dr. David Schuringa on the radio broadcast "Crossroad Connections."

Click here if you'd like to listen: Crossroad Connection

Sweeter than Honey

Here's an article Pastor Rick wrote for the Pella Chronicle.

Sweeter than Honey