Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ministry Report

What's been happening at the prison?  Let me tell you….

On Tuesdays, we've just finished up a study on Ephesians called power prayer.  We had stops in Ephesians 1, 3, and 6 learning that you can pray the prayers of Scripture.  Our final lesson was about the armor of God!  As you can imagine, the armor of God is extremely useful in the prison setting where spiritual warfare is extremely intense!

Soon we'll begin our next baptism and profession of faith class.  For four weeks we'll be preparing men to make a strong public stand for Jesus Christ.  The class has four sessions: Knowing God, God's Story, the Meaning of Baptism and the Christian Life.  November 20 will be our Thanksgiving worship service featuring baptism and profession of faith.  Can't wait!

On Thursdays, we've been viewing the DVD "Satisfied" by Jeff Manion.  So far it's been really interesting.  
Manion, the lead pastor of Ada Bible Church in Michigan, takes a hard look at all our stuff.  Manion reminds us that our identity is in Christ not in all our material possessions.  In the last session (we're at the midway point), Manion brought in a quote from Fred Rogers (the children's show host was also a Presbyterian Minister) - 
"The older I get, the more I've come to believe that nothing I buy can take away my loneliness, fill my emptiness, or heal my brokenness."  Overall this has been a tremendous study.

Both groups have been well attended.  We've been averaging 15-20 men on Tuesday afternoons and 25-30+ men on Thursday nights!  May the Spirit of the Living God continue to move behind prison walls!